Onet Candy

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Play ONET Candy, one of the most exciting and adorable puzzle game on Android The objective of this game is linking two similar cuties to erase them from the board. Continue linking and clear the board within the time limit. Its truly a fun game for people who love cute characters and cartoon characters. Our cute game is FREE to play so download now and try it out We guarantee that you will be addicted within minutes. ONET Candy is an addictive puzzle game for all ages. Everyone loves sweets and adorable munchies. We create adorable cartoon characters as cute icons for our players so you can enjoy playing and seeing cute characters on your phones screen. You only need to pair up these sweeties to clear the board within the allotted time. You should pair up munchies that can be connected with maximum 3 lines as we have shown on the screenshot. Pair up the sweets as fast as you can so you clear the board on time. Its definitely not as easy as it looks. You need sharp eyes and quick thinking. Be careful not to make false moves and make the board unsolvable -------------------------------------------------------------------------- TOP FEATURES OF ONET CANDY : -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ♡ Play this linking game for FREE on your Android device. ♡ Addictive cute game with cute icons for everyone. ♡ Enjoy the adorable & cute characters. ♡ Lovely game background & design depicting every time of cuties, munchies, and sweets. ♡ Simple pair up game to play but hard to master. ♡ 2 types of gameplay: Classic or Challenges. ♡ Use Hints when youre stuck and cant find the same cuties. ♡ Countless of hours of fun gameplay pairing up sweeties. On the first few levels you might think that this cute game is for kids only. You think that to pair up the same cartoon characters and cute icons are way too easy. However, you will realize that its not as easy as it sounds. To figure out which sweeties to eliminate from the board first requires some strategic thinking. And you must do it FAST because the time keeps ticking. If you cant clear the board within the time limit then you will fail the level and have to repeat it again. So, this puzzle game with cute munchies and adorable sweets are not easy kids game at all. Its actually quite challenging. You have to think fast, tap fast, and use your eagle eye to spot the similar cartoon characters that can be linked up. If you ready to face this adorable puzzle challenge, then download ONET CANDY now. This cute game with cute icons are FREE to download and play. Show your mastery of our puzzle game and finish all the level successfully --- We are an indie developer and we love to hear from our customers so we can keep improving our games and apps. Love our adorable puzzle game? Dont forget to rate and review our cute game