SalesWorks® Installer

SoftServe Business Systems



SalesWorks® Installer helps you to install or update mobile version of SalesWorks® for a few minutes.The SalesWorks® system is a corporate solution of SoftServe Business Systems company to automate the business processes in trade.Mobile SalesWorks® application helps commercial agents and merchandisers working in outlets and allows by phone or tablet:- To order the goods and equipment,- To make payments,- To make questionnaires,- To collect information for market analysis and etc.Usage Mobile SalesWorks® application is a way for a quick and effective of commercial agents work. As the result your business profits increase.To install SalesWorks® application you need to fill in Host (name or IP-address of the computer) and Port fields ( the exchange of information with Sync Service) and click Install button.At the end of installation the SalesWorks® application will be installed on your mobile device. SalesWorks® application will be installed on your mobile device after successful installation.

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