Piano Music Tap Tiles




New Piano Music Tap Tiles is the sequel to your favorite Piano 2 with amazing graphics and different sounds.. Whats new in Piano Music Tap Tiles : -Break the trad black and white mode ,you can choose the color and sound you like of the game - Amazing design in piano style with hints of expensive mahogany, imagine yourself playing on an New piano in 2017 . -You can Share game and results With your friends in Facebook Or Whatsapp - Get experience, open new levels. -100% Free game music - And More .. Hurry and install your copy Now Enjoy your favorite game in 2017 , while creates Piano Music Tap Tiles for you. Do you have the needed skills to master the piano in this black and white Piano Music Tap Tiles game?Whatever you do, simply dont touch the white tiles. The black tiles are in your focus in this upbeat, casual arcader, who happens to be one of the most exciting Piano 2 games. Tap your way to White tiles 2 victory UPBEAT AND DYNAMIC GAMEPLAY: One thing is sure, white tiles 2 White vs Black is not boring or melancholic. Contrary, the tiles app will constantly keep you interested in every possible second. Your attention is needed to avoid all of the white tiles. The piano will play an amazing melody, while you enjoy the journey. PIANO ADVENTURE LIKE NO OTHER At its core this is a piano adventure and a tiles app that is simple. However, expect great challenge as the black and white tiles keep changing. We dare you to go as far as you can, but believe us, this white tiles piano adventure will challenge you the fullest. We believe we have one of the hardest Piano 2 games. ENJOY THE MELODY In this avoid and dont touch the white tiles game, the black tiles play a melody. So, we included great melody while you are tapping and enjoying this adventure. We will get you hooked with ease and help you love the game even more. SHARE AND CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS: You think youve mastered the white tiles tapping? Then share your score and challenge your friends with ease. They need to know your hard earned high score. Believe us, it will not be easy Piano 2 White vs Black features: - piano game inspired - avoid the white tile gameplay - easy controls - enthralling melody playing while you play the game - enjoyable graphics and colors - ability to share and challenge your friends …………………………………………………………………………………………………………. We believe we have one of the most interesting Piano Music Tap Tiles games on the Play Store We worked really hard to make the game a game you will want to play every second of your free time. Addictive Piano 2 adventure that you will most likely adore. Get it now free 19a76bd2bb

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