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Elchemy is a management tool for crafters and crafting in ESO (The Elder Scrolls Online.) ** Minimize wastage when training ** Advertisment free ALCHEMY - Traits for all reagents - Search ingredients and affects by name/text - Recipe combinations - Record stock quantity and pricing - Filter ingredients by their affect and vice versa - Filter recipes by ingredient or effects ENCHANTING - Translations for runes - Search glyphs and runes by name/text - Lists of runes - List of possible glyphs - Filter glyphs by rune and vice versa BLACKSMITHING,CLOTHING & WOODWORKING - Record the current traits you have researched for each item type - Saves visiting a crafting station to check if you require a trait for research SUBSCRIPTION CONTENT - See what can be made from the items in your inventory - Simulate crafting potions, select reagents to see the outcomes (effects) in real time - Simulate crafting glyphs, select your required runes and see what they produce BASIC USAGE Simply select the ingredient or affect you want, when a menu appears choose what to match it too (eg other ingredients that share the affect). PERMISSIONS & EVERYTHING ELSE * What do we request your permissions for? * We know installing an app from Google Play can present you with a scary list of permissions to accept. The permissions we ask for allow us to identify what type of phone you are using and send ourselves reports if the app crashes - even then we always ask you before actually sending the report. Youll probably notice the Phone State and Accounts permissions too. Dont worry this doesnt give us any access to your calls - it allows you to automatically fill in your email on the settings page - but its optional, you can leave the settings completely empty - The billing permission allows us to offer subscription content - Long press items to search the web for more info or to send feedback to us - Contact us directly with your feedback via the app of the In-game Elchemy guild - Future updates will add other crafting types as more data becomes available, stock management tools and a centralized buying/selling database to facilitate offline trading. Were open to your ideas and feedback too - send them to us using our in app feedback form ** As a final note, please rate our app if youve enjoyed using it; If you havent let us know and give us a chance to address your gripes before downvoting the app - Thank you **