Billiards ball-8 ball pool &9 ball pool

yan keluo



Billiards ball is a nice little game of pool and Its a great billiard game. It is support the free movement support of the viewing angle. Support for American billiards (8 balls), British billiards (8 balls), American billiards (9 balls), single bag billiards, French billiards, snooker, and so on a variety of rich billiards play. Game screen effects and mode of operation are commendable, including the operation of the club will be pulled back after a certain distance on the representative of the intensity and direction of the trajectory. Features: - Realistic 3D ball animation - Pool billiards - 8 balls, 9 balls and other billiards mode to choose from - 4 kinds of billiards table, 5 kinds of billiards cloth, enjoy your favorite - Battle with the highest IQ AI, are you the opponent? - very nice background music, listen will be High up, sturdy