Evil Destroyer : Bullet Boom

Universe Inc



You are the Ultimate Destroyer of evil. The story of a true legend destroyer, who have mission is to destroy all the evil. This Game is all about Destroying many evil through levels by boom of bullet of different gun. Full of Evils, there are 20 of them with 4 bosses. The game has amazing sound. There are 10 different Backgrounds Music in the game. One for each level map and one for each world with one for landing page, store and game over. The sound of Bullet and Rocket is like Boom and Awesome. The Bullet is true sound and craziness capture of destroyer. The destroyer has a perfect Costume with perfect shooting power ready to destroy. There are 4 level maps with awesome boom graphics. This game goes through 4 worlds – 1. Forest World 2. Cave World 3. Forest Cave World 4. City World Each World has 9 levels with one Boss. There are 36 levels. There are nine different guns with different bullet and Muzzle flashes helping Destroyer to destroyer evils. 1. Shotgun 2. Mg 35 3. Plasma Canon 4. Sub Machine Gun 5. Rocket Launcher 6. Assault Rifle 7. Tri Shotgun 8. Plasma Buster 9. Sniper This game has true Indie Game Developers True Spirit. The game starts with a shotgun and this had a mind blowing sound. This game has Forest world as its first world. Where 4 different evil and one Boss. Game has a beautiful looking store with player, weapon and Coin option. You could easily earn coins by watching admob rewarded video ads. You could also do in- app purchase to make the path of destroying easy. Like our game on google plus and share it on Google Plus. Please hit Like On our Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/ShadilBrother/?ref=bookmarks